Balloon Pirate Hat, Pirate Sword and Pirate Hook

No matter how serious he was trying to act, a Balloon Pirate could never be too scary!

The important thing was he had a lot of fun and attention at that school party. Guess most kids like that :-)

Balloon Skeleton

One day I was a little bored with sweet balloon animals, so tried something different – A Creepy Balloon Skeleton. Guess what? It turned out to be quite cool, was not scary at all, until it deflated :-s

Balloon Batman Helmet/ Hat ???

I was trying to make a batman's mask, but I do not like the idea of covering children's eyes with balloon.

So it ended up like this – wraps all around the head but face area. More of a helmet type I suppose.

Not sure if it looks like batman though :-)

Balloon Panda vs Crystal Panda

Crystal and balloon do not seem to be two related subjects. However, I have developed the same kind of passion for both. I admire the beauty of a piece of crystal art work as well as enjoy the fun of creating a balloon model.
Look at my Pandas, what do you think?